Lieutenant Governor Hutchison & Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) release white paper outlining conclusions and takeaways from the 2015 Summit on Public Lands in Nevada


Ryan Cherry
(775) 857-9000
Carson City, NV - April 19, 2016

Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison and Immediate Past President of NACO, Commissioner Lorinda Wichman, are pleased to announce the release of the publication resulting from the 2015 Summit on Public Lands in Nevada.

“Public lands issues have a significant impact on Nevadans’ daily lives. Instead of rhetoric and misguided actions, public land management issues should be addressed collaboratively between local, state, federal and private partners by encouraging ongoing conversations,” said Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison. “I’m proud to be part of the 2015 Summit on Public Lands in Nevada and the resulting publication, and I look forward to using the information contained within to continue this meaningful conversation.

The Summit was a joint effort between Lieutenant Governor Hutchison's office and NACO. Its discussions  emphasized the importance of improving collaboration between local, state and federal stakeholders on public lands issues in Nevada. The goal of the summit was to start a detailed and open conversation to identify opportunities and recommendations for Nevada to better work with federal land management agencies on issues including, but not limited to, those impacting tourism, economic development, transportation, and landscape sustainability and ecology in Nevada.

Specific conversations included:

  •  Wildfire 
  •  Access & Land Use 
  •  Permitting and Federal Land Use Plans 
  •  Economic Development & Land Transfers

As a tool to help provide information about these issues moving forward, the publication details the  
presentations made at the 2015 Public Lands Summit, as well as recommendations from the subsequent  
discussions. It has been attached for your convenience. 

Follow – up questions: Members of the media who would like more information should contact
Ryan Cherry at or (775) 857-9000.