Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison Testifies in Support of Congressman Amodei's Bill, HR 1484, Which Would Transfer Targeted Federal Lands, Back to State & Local Control


Ryan Cherry
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Las Vegas, NV - April 28, 2016

Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison returned from Washington, DC yesterday where he testified before Congressman Chris Stewart’s Federal Land Action Group in support of HR 1484 - Honor the Nevada Enabling Act of 1864. A summary of the bill can be found here. HR 1484 is sponsored by Congressman Mark Amodei and is geared toward the implementation of the recommendations made by Nevada’s Public Lands Management Task Force. Those recommendations were sent to Congress in the form of Senate Joint Resolution 1 (SJR1) during the 2015 legislative session.

“Throughout Nevada’s history, public lands issues have had a significant impact on Nevadans’ daily lives. As public officials we need not only to recognize these issues but when necessary we should offer realistic solutions that will benefit all Nevadans in the long run.” said Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison.

“The proposed initial transfer of 7.2 million acres of land, including checkerboard and RPP lands, will help to ensure access, economic growth, as well as responsible land management aimed at protecting the future sustainability and ecology of these invaluable resources.”

The checkerboard lands present major challenges to federal, state, and private interests in Nevada in terms of management, conservation, and development. The consideration of federal lands for transfer to state and local governments in the checkerboard is part of a comprehensive solution to long-identified problems, which have been addressed piece meal in the past.

Lieutenant Governor Hutchison was joined at the hearing by Elko County Commissioner Demar Dahl. His testimony can be found here.

HR 1484 is expected to be heard in the Natural Resources Committee sometime in the near future. A specific date has not been set as of this press release.

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