Office of Small Business Advocacy


OSBA’s mission is to serve as an advocate for small business owners within state government. In coordination with other state agencies, OSBA will serve as a centralized hub, connecting small business owners to available resources and working to resolve challenges and barriers to access. In doing so, OSBA will help ensure the long-term growth and resiliency of Nevada’s small business industry.

OSBA Serves Nevada's Entrepreneurs in Four Ways

  1. Recommend Improvements
    OSBA works with small business owners, business resource agencies, and local governments to identify and recommend improvements to issues related to getting a business license, business regulations, and licensing requirements.
  2. Mediate Between Small Business Owners and Government Agencies
    OSBA ensures small business owners understand current regulations and can provide comment or feedback on cumbersome or onerous regulations effecting their industry or business. The OSBA also serves as a mediator between small business and state and local agencies.
  3. Resolve Issues
    OSBA ensures small business owners receive timely responses to any inquiry or request; resolves issues that arise in the administrative, regulatory, or enforcement functions of a state agency with respect to small businesses; and identifies and recommends efficient, responsive, and nonretaliatory procedures.
  4. Highlight Resources
    OSBA works together with other small business organizations such as the Small Business Development Center, the Small Business Association, and local/industry-specific Chambers of Commerce across the state. When small business owners approach the OSBA with issues related to starting, operating, or winding down their business, the OSBA directs them to appropriate resources and contacts.

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Director: Sarah R. Johnson

555 E. Washington Avenue, Suite 5500
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Deputy Director: Melissa Saavedra

101 North Carson St
Carson City, NV 89701



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